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RUN-phrasal verbs

run across (smb./smth.) - to find something or to meet someone by chance.
Example: I ran across the letter while I was tidying the drawers.
Mary ran across her former teacher this afternoon.

run over - to hit someone or something with a vehicle and drive over them.
Example: Slow down, you might run someone over.
Mona was run over by a car outside her house.

run down - to hit someone with your car and injure or kill them.
Example: She got run down outside school.
The poor boy has been run down by a bus.

run through (smth.) - to explain or to read something quickly.
Example: I'll just run through the names and make sure everyone's here.
Do you want me to run through the details with you?

Phrasal verbs with THROUGH particle

phone through - to give someone a particular piece of information using the phone.
Example: Just get the car's registration number, and phone it through to the police.

ring through - to phone from one part of a building to another.
Example: Reception rang through and said there was someone waiting to see me.

get through - to be connected to a place by telephone.
Example: I couldn't get through – the line was engaged.


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Презентация с фразовыми глаголами.
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Phrasal verbs test

Составила тест по фразовым глаголам. Тест содержит 13 вопросов.
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Phrasal verbs. Part 1


Tracy Morgan on David Letterman


Justin Timberlake on David Letterman


Delorean -
to open - начинать, начинаться
genuinely - искренне
nevertheless - тем не менее; всё-таки
scene - сцена (в фильме)
a take - кинокадр; дубль
notorious - знакомый, известный
it is notorious that... — хорошо известно, что...
to lobby - лоббировать
an extent - мера, степень, рамки, пределы
girth - обхват; объём (талии, грудной клетки)


1. When does "In Time" open in the USA?
2. Did the host of the show get an invitation to the screening of the film?
3. In what city was the premiere of the film?
4. Was it comfortable for Justin to be a star in a motion picture in a big screen theatre?
5. Does Justin think of his show business friends as his real friends?
6. What was tricky about that topic?
7. Did his friends want to watch "In Time" because of Amanda Seyfried?
8. Did Justin have to say anything before the show started (at the premiere)?
9. How did Justin feel during the playing of the film?
10. Did he see the whole film before the premiere?
11. What kind of thoughts does Justin have during watching a show?
12. Does he feel the same about his songs?
13. Who directed "The Social network"?
14. Did Justin like that film?
15. How many takes did they sometimes do while shooting "The Social network"?
16. Is "In Time" based on a book?
17. Who has written it? (Andrew Niccol)
18. What other screenplays did he write?
19. What is it about the thing on his wrist in the film? What kind of thing is it?
20. How was it made?
21. What should you do if you want to give transferred time to somebody else?
22. Could Justin sing in this film?
23. Does Justin want to be an actor or a musician more?
24. Do people want Justin to do a musical film?
25. Does he want to do a musical film?
26. What is Justin's problem with musicals?
27. Is it hard for him to act when he is walking in a circle and a camera is walking around him?


Zac Efron on Ellen (30.10.2008 and 15.04.2009)


Alex Pettyfer about Mary-Kate Olsen


go down that road - to do a particular thing
come up - появляться (на экране; об информации)
fabulous - (разг.) классный, потрясающий, изумительный
skin - кожа
insecure - сомневающийся, неуверенный
figure smth. out - to discover or decide
beast - чудовище
freak out - to be or cause to be in a heightened emotional state, such as that of fear, anger, or excitement
to unnerve - лишать присутствия духа, лишать мужества

1. What is the nationality of this actor?
2. What does Alex think of Mary-Kate as an actress?
3. Has Alex been an actor for a long time by now?
4. Does he like to work with Mary-Kate?
5. How long has Mary-Kate been an actress, according to Alex?
6. How does Alex describe a scene on the roof (from "Beastly" movie)?


Hilarious moments on Ellen


Alex Pettyfer


Jennifer Aniston on Ellen


Justin Bieber Talks Bullying, Haters and Selena Gomez


Paul Walker in Moscow 2011

Just listen to that awful interviewer!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Listening and Watching


Robert Pattinson - Listening and watching


Taylor Lautner - Listening and watching



state of mind - состояние души, душевное состояние
peace of mind - душевное спокойствие
piece of mind - мысль; мнение
make up one's mind - принять решение, решиться (на что-л. или сделать что-л.)
bear in mind - иметь в виду
to lose one's mind - потерять голову, сойти с ума
to cross one's mind - приходить в голову
to keep in mind - помнить
to read smb.'s mind - читать чужие мысли
to speak one's mind -откровенно, без обиняков высказать свою точку зрения
to be of the same mind - придерживаться того же мнения
deep in one's mind - (глубоко) в душе, в сердце
to change one's mind - передумать, изменить решение
mind-boggling - невероятный, ошеломляющий, поразительный
open-minded person - человек широких взглядов; без предубеждений
to set one's mind on / to smth. - страстно желать чего-л.; стремиться к чему-л.; иметь твёрдое намерение добиться чего-л.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind - С глаз долой - из сердца вон.
Many men, many minds - Сколько голов, столько умов.
No two minds think alike - Сколько людей, столько и мнений.


Would You Mind...? - Вы не будете возражать..?
I mind - Я возражаю. Я против.


Mind Your Own Business! - Занимайся своим собственным делом! Не суй нос куда не просят!
Never you mind...! - Это не твое дело...!
Never mind! - не бери(те) в голову! Не важно!
to my mind - по моему мнению
Mind your manners! - Следите за своими манерами!
What's on your mind? - Что у тебя на уме?


Mind Your Head! - Осторожно, не ударьтесь головой!
Mind your step! - Смотри под ноги!
Mind how you go - смотри под ноги; будь аккуратен
Mind the Gap - not really a "saying", but popular for being in the Tube
Mind your language! - Выбирайте выражения! Попрошу не выражаться!


Can, could, be able to

We use CAN when we talk about general ability and COULD for general ability in the past.

Can you play chess?
Ostriches can run very fast.
Their son could swim before he could walk.

In the negative CAN'T is more usual than CANNOT which is very formal.

We often use CAN and COULD with verbs for mental processes and senses.

I couldn't decide.
Can you remember her name?
We could hear a cat, but we couldn't see it.
I can smell onions.

Other verbs used like this include: believe, feel, guess, taste, understand.

We use BE ABLE TO (not CAN or COULD) in these phrasal modal structures: in infinitives, in gerunds, after modals, in the perfect.

They want to be able to practise.
She left without being able to talk to the teacher.
I won't be able to finish.
He hasn't been able to study.

We don't use BE ABLE TO in the Continuous.

We sometimes use AM/IS/ARE ABLE TO instead of CAN for general ability in formal situations.
We use WAS/WERE ABLE TO (not COULD) for the achievement of something difficult in the past.

Is the child able to tie his or her shoelaces without help?
We had a flat tyre, but we were able to fix it and carry on.

We can use COULDN'T to say something difficult was not achieved.

We couldn't fix it.

We use COULD (not CAN or BE ABLE TO) + the perfect = to talk about an ability or opportunity not used.

He could have done very well, but he was lazy.

Note the difference between I was able to win (= I won) and I could have won (= I didn't win).

from Oxford Practice Grammar by George Yule (Advanced)


British accent & American accent

David Beckham and Ellen Degeneres (27.10.2010)



David Beckham wins Lifetime Achievement Award 2010


Phrasal verbs

show off - to do something to attract attention to yourself.

show someone or something off - to display someone or something so that the best features are apparent.

Bill drove around all afternoon showing his new car off.
Mrs. Williams was showing off her baby to the neighbours.
Please, stop showing off! You embarrass me.
John is always showing off to his girlfriend.
He shows off all the time, and you wonder if he's ever just a regular, real person.

break out - to escape from a place or a situation.

Usage notes: often used with of.

Two inmates broke out of prison and are still at large.
I was 16 years old when I finally broke out of my rigid upbringing.
She just couldn't break out of her old patterns of behaviour.

stand out - to be easily seen or noticed.

His bright red hair helps him stand out at comedy clubs.
It simply stands out as an excellent school among a lot of very good schools.
He's so tall that he always stands out in a crowd.

Forever Red