to shoot - снимать фильм
anniversary - годовщина; юбилей; празднование годовщины (какого-л. события)
screening - просмотр (кинофильма)
on one's own - самостоятельно, в одиночку
to digest - /daɪˈdʒest/ - усваивать, понимать
performance - игра, исполнение
to suppress - /səˈpres/ - сдерживать, подавлять
premiere - /ˈpremieə/ - премьера


1.What is Elizabeth so excited about?
2. What is the special occasion?
3. Has Aaron ever been to Japan before?
4. Did Aaron and Elizabeth watch their film "Godzilla"?
5. How does Aaron prefer to watch HIS films (like, for the first time)?
6. However, is he able to do that?
7. In reality who does Aaron watch HIS films with for the first time?
8. How does Aaron feel about his film "Godzilla"?
9. How did Aaron feel about the performance of Bryan Cranston (Joe Brody) and Juliette Binoche (Sandra Brody)?
10. What did Elizabeth's friend say about "Godzilla"?
11. Are Aaron and Elizabeth happy to be on premiere?
12. Where are Aaron and Elizabeth from?