This is Walk of Fame


meaningful - значимый, важный
bouncer - вышибала (в ночном клубе, казино и пр.)
sсriрt - (кино; тлв.) сценарий
word processor - компьютер для набора и обработки текстов

I can't afford it. — Это мне не по карману.
to rent - брать в аренду/
impressive - производящий глубокое впечатление, впечатляющий
cell phone = mobile phone
to exchange - обмениваться
Harlem - Гарлем (район Нью-Йорка)
successful - успешный
at once - сразу же, немедленно


1. Why did Jimmy Kimmel congratulate Vin?
2. Was that meaningful to Vin?
3. Why was it special for him?
4. Was his daughter there with him at that time?
5. How old was he when he came to California?
6. Did he become successful at once?
7. What kind of job did he have in New York?
8. What was he feeling at that time?
9. Did he buy or rent a word processor?
10. What is the most impressive phone number in his mobile phone?
11. Why did they exchange phone numbers?